Promotional Material

Here, you will find samples of promotional pieces I have created for different organizations. I have created brochures, company newsletters, flyers, and marketing letters just to name a few.

This Brochure was the original design for The Women’s Leadership Institute at Laurel University. Since the organization’s conception, the colors and logo have been changed due to branding purposes. Continuing my work with the Women’s Leadership Institute, I proposed the idea of the organization having a monthly newsletter to keep the campus abreast of their events. From this idea, Speaker Spotlight was created. The mission of the Women’s Leadership Institute is to develop young women for success and fulfillment in today’s world by providing strategic activities of engagement under the professional mentorship of women dedicated to advancing each selected student’s curriculum.  Through formal instruction and planned activities, each student will build confidence, excel at presentation, realize self-actualization and advance in personal growth.  Each student will graduate with uncommon and elite life skills learned through a series of seminars led by a distinguished network of women leaders representing a wide array of career roles.  This network advocacy is intended to stay in place throughout the WLI leader’s life thus supporting and fully developing each young women’s fullest potential.  The Institute’s ultimate goal is to advance each student’s opportunity for success in today’s world.

In an effort to bring awareness about Laurel University’s Doctorate degree in Ministry, I created a direct mailing campaign. A Marketing Letter was mailed to every Pastor of the Wesleyan denomination in the state of NC. With this letter, recipients received a listing of the classes offered and a discount for registering! Additionally, Doctor of Ministry flyers were created to further promote the program. These flyers were handed out to local churches and their congregations.

Through Program Flyermy membership in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., I held the position as Chair of the Public Relations Committee. This is an example of one of the flyers I created to publicize this particular event on Winthrop University’s campus.