Original Research

In completing the requirements for my Master of Arts degree in Strategic Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations, I conducted original research on social media and credibility. After a year of intensive research, SOCIAL MEDIA AND CREDIBILITY: CAN PROFESSORS’ TRANSPARENCY ON FACEBOOK INCREASE CREDIBILITY AS PERCEIVED BY STUDENTS?  was published. My decision to research this particular topic came from personal and professional interests. Throughout the duration of this project, I examined how the differences in social media pages are associated with students’ perceptions of a university and professors. Specifically, I examined how universities can use professors’ Facebook pages to connect with students and enhance the students’ perception of the university as well as the professor. I designed six different Facebook pages varying the sex of the professor and the level of personal and professional content on each page (i.e., all personal, all professional, or a combination of personal and professional) and assessed how students’ perceived  the credibility of the professor and the university. The findings of this research provides important insight into how social media can be (and shouldn’t be) used in academic settings.

During my studies at High Point University, I was privileged to be a presenter at the Inaugural Research Poster Symposium. There, I presented my research on Verbal Aggressiveness and Attachment Styles in a room full of communication professionals………such a great opportunity!