Communication Plans

Below, you will find samples of communication plans that I have developed for different organizations. All of the research needed to complete these plans was conducted independently. After the clients accepted these plans, they were informed that updates should occur frequently.  

This Social Media Marketing Plan was a plan developed for a fictitious non-profit organization that had little to no social media interaction.

This Crisis Communication Plan was drafted for a local summer camp that deals with terminally ill children. Included in this plan were key talking points, standby messages, and skeletal press releases in the event of a crisis.

This Social Media Plan was created while I was an intern at W.I.S.E. Magazine. Initially, there was very minimal activity on social media for this organization. As a member of the social media team, it was my responsibility to draft this plan. Once it was approved by the Founder and CEO of the magazine, I disseminated the plan to my other team members. My role on the team was to develop the plan, not execute it (although I did make several posts on the social networking sites).

I am currently working on a Social Media Marketing Plan and Website Policy for Laurel University.